Midtown Madness

Midtown Madness 1.0

Midtown Madness is an interesting and entertaining race game
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Midtown Madness is an interesting and entertaining racing game. With Midtown Madness you may experience the speed and joy of the extreme racing, or just have a ride through the city.
You will be allowed to choose a quick race (a simple race where your task is to be the first), or the type of the race in a single-player mode: circuit race, blitz race, cruise, and checkpoint. The difficulty of a race in a single-player mode is also adjustable: you will be able to adjust the traffic, pedestrian, and cop density. Also, among the adjustable terms are the weather conditions, and time of day. And surely, as in almost all race games, you will be able to choose a vehicle to drive. Among various cars you will be offered to drive a city bus. Some of the vehicles are locked; to unlock them, you will need to finish in top places in several races.

A multiplayer mode is available via the Net. All you will need to compete with other players is an Internet connection, then just follow the instructions, and either join a session or host your own one. Audio, control, and graphics options are also adjustable.

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  • Entertaining.
  • Multipleplayer mode available.
  • Several types of races


  • Not free.
  • Old-looking
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